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About Us

My name is Brandon Hardesty and I live in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. I created this blog because I like to exercise and workout, and I also have a genuine interest in men’s health issues.

Looking and feeling good at any age doesn’t require a ton of work. Mostly it’s about gaining an understanding of what is and isn’t good for you. That includes fitness-wise and nutrition-wise.

So in this online blog magazine, I and other contributors will be covering a wide range of topics related to the things that men care most about. Some of the topics include:

– Fitness
– Health
– Lifestyle & Fashion
– Nutrition
– Sex & Relationships
– and more

I hope you’ll visit often and please be sure to tell your friends about us. If you look around the site, you’ll see all kinds of buttons where you can share content with your friends, and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Brandon Hardesty